Lever Hoists

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Lever Hoist
Capacity from 0.25 - 9 Tonne
Lever Hoist
Lever Hoist - 1.5 Mtr height of lift (Bravo)

Developed by Tractel®, specifically for lifting, pulling, securing and tensioning loads in the most extreme circumstances, the bravo™ hoist features a Double Click system which doubles movement accuracy, and guarantees safe use, by preventing shock loads. Manual overloading is virtually impossible, thanks to the handle's unique design and the gear ratio, while the Corolim load chain features a special coating which provides excellent corrosion protection.

  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight and compact
  • ISO grade 80, starting from 500 kg
  • EN 13157, starting from 500 kg
  • Corolim load chain with coating (silver or black)
  • Unlimited lifting height
  • Up to 400 hrs exposure to salt water without rusting
  • Heat resistance up to 280 °C

Usually ships in 2-3 working days

Capacity from 0.25 - 9 Tonne
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