Hollow Piston Hydraulic Cylinder - Single acting spring return

Capacity from 12 - 100 Tonne. Stroke up to 150mm.
  • Capacity from 12 to 100 Tn, stroke up to 150 mm.
  • For push and pull applications: Tensioning cables and bolts, pulling sleeves and bearings.
  • Body and saddle black nitrated to improve corrosion and wear resistance, except 12 Tn models.
  • Hollow hard chrome-plated piston. Collar threads, piston end thread and base holes for easy fixing.
  • Interchangeable with our complete puller range.
  • Hollow plain saddle as standard. Optional solid or threaded saddles available.

Usually ships in 4-5 working days

  • Model: SH01204
  • Manufacturer: Larzep